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Sharing worship in Advent - meeting Advent in worship

We were invited to share in worship at the French Roman Catholic church in the centre of London today; it is their 150th anniversary, and today’s mass was a celebration, and local clergy were invited. We are glad that the priests who serve that congregation were so hospitable, and since Ruth can get by in Ferench, she went along.

The congregation are Francophone – some from France, some from Africa. The whole service was full of energy and just that lovely touch of chaos which keeps it alive – but one of the most delightful moments was the bringing forward of the offering – danced forward by this amazing group of women;

As an advent moment, it was a powerful reminder that Advent is about the preparation for the Incarnation; the enfleshment of God in the Human One. The embodiment of worship – in bringing forward the offering, in the swaying and dancing of the choir, in the clapping of the congregation….our bodies are good and celebrated and a place that God has honoured.

And then there was the moment when the embodiment hurt; when along with one or two others, I was not able to share bread and wine with my sisters and brothers.

Another advent moment; we have glimpses of what is to come, and remember that we also live in the “not yet”.

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