• Ruth

When the candles misbehave...

We light advent candles in our services at this time of year. Not before the service, like our peace candle, but in the service, as part of our gathering, and our recognition that this is Advent, and so a time for paying attention.

Last week, it was the first candle; always a bit dodgy, and yes, so it proved...but eventually it was lit and remained lit, and we were well on our way.

Except that this yesterday, while the first candle lit and burned beautifully, the second one definitely proved recalcitrant!

I am promised that next week's will behave, because one of our technical people - who can be quite fierce! - has "had a word with them". And, more to the point, has done the technical stuff.

And those who have been responsible for managing the lighting have been graceful and gracious about it all, and it's been fine.

But it has left me reflecting on Advent.

We had got the candles ready, we had done all we thought we ought to do, we had our matches, and our plans.

And it didn't work out quite as we planned.

Which does seem a good way to enter an Advent service....

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