• Ruth

Writing Christmas again....

This morning, I am going to attempt to (re)write our nativity play in order to ensure that all those youngsters who might be present can take part. It is one of the delights of this time of year...writing a version of the nativity to accommodate an unknown number of actors, and to reflect something of the experience of the church over the year.

This year, during advent, we are reflecting on the refugee crisis. And so our nativity play will contain a lost sheep, a mobile phone, a pop-up tent....and perhaps a script if I ever write it.

It is all a bit of a muddle at the moment. It always is; adapting the story to the cast, encouraging the cast to do something vaguely approximate to the script (never works, but it's worth trying), hoping that the costumes are free of dust (ok - that's particular to this year, and the building works!), and it always works in the end and is special.

Which is, of course, the centre of the story.

Incarnation happens not in a special, secluded, safe and hygienic place - but right in the middle of all the mess, the confusion, people not doing what they were supposed to - and yes, probably dust.

So, now - off I go to write again that wonderful story; God is love, and God is with us. Here is joy and here is hope.

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