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You don’t argue with an angel

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

You don’t argue with an angel,

Do you?

Well, I wanted to.

Of course the published version

Is much shorter

Than the encounter

And – like the swan –

What is shown was not

What was going on


“Greatly troubled”?

That’s the understatement

Of all time.

I was terrified, confused,

And utterly bewildered.

Who wouldn’t be?

Apart from the fact –

Not exactly minor –

That what he was suggesting

Was physically impossible,

My mind was racing

With what on earth

This would do to my future

And none of it was good.

There were long silences

Where I thought

And prayed

And panicked.

And then, at last,

A quiet calm

As I realised

I did not understand

But could accept.

At least.... for now.

Poem by Jeannie Kendall, reproduced with permission

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