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I have no appetite for politics or religion

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

I have no appetite

For politics or religion.

The first the refuge

Of the power hungry

The second for the desperate.

I married him

Because I loved him

The rest just came with it

Like an unwelcome guest

Who would not leave

And must be tolerated.

He never talked

About his work

Which suited me fine

I knew my place

The kitchen and bedroom

My domain

But not the altar.

And then he left

On some foolish quest

And my simmering resentment

Burst into energising flame

Planning with every day

Of absence

All that I would say

On his return.

A thousand conversations

In my head

In the waking hours

Of the night.

And then he came home.

And all of them

Were silenced.

Poem by Jeannie Kendall, reproduced with permission

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