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Only a woman

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

Only a woman

Who could not have children

Would understand:

The monthly (less now) rhythm

Of hope and disappointment:

Stares in the street,

And – even worse –

The pity in young relatives’ eyes

As they decided

How to break their happy news;

Trying to hold on

To my hope and trust in God

When everything in me

Questioned “Why?”

At first I could not quite believe it.

Must be my age, I thought,

The dwindling of fertility,

not its fulfilment.

And so I waited, seeing no-one

Until my slowly growing belly

And the kicks –

Flutters at first then more definite -

Allowed me to believe at last.

And then her visit:

And that extraordinary moment

When I realised

God had been at work

In more ways than I knew

And – just for a moment –

My own joy was eclipsed

By the glimpsing

of a plan of God

far bigger

than I ever could have imagined.

Poem by Jeannie Kendall, reproduced with permission

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