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Listening to the women

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

Revd Dr Simon Woodman, preaching at the Bloomsbury Carol Celebration 2018

"Mary, the teenage mother, gives voice to a dream of social revolution that continues to this day; to challenge the arrogantly powerful and to give hope to the poor and the hungry."

Read the sermon script here

The Bible Readings from the service:

The Prologue to John’s Gospel - read by Revd Dr Simon Woodman

Luke 1.26-38 ‘The birth of Jesus foretold’, read by Fifi Evelyn

Luke 2.39-56 ‘Mary’s Song Of Praise’ read by Solvita Smuilyte

Luke 2.25-35 ‘Jesus is presented in the temple’ read by Martin Watson

Luke 2.8-20 ‘The Shepherds and the Angels’ read by Maurice Johns

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