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They always say the mother-son bond is special

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

They always say

The mother-son bond is special.

I don’t know

I’ve loved every one of my children

Boys and girls

It felt no different.

But yes, I wanted my sons to marry well

And most did –

I’d best leave Matthan out of it -

Joseph I thought

Would be the easiest to sort

Having always

such quiet thoughtfulness

I thought no woman could resist.

We arranged a good one.

Lovely girl

Or so I thought.

The plans were well advanced

And I was looking forward to the day

And then the news.

I still feel ill to think of it.

I thought I was

Such a good judge of character.

I got that one wrong.

Well, I told him –

“Rid yourself my boy –

We’ll look again”

And that was what

He was all set to do.

And then one day

He comes with some ridiculous tale

A dream from God.

He must think

I am a fool.

“Oh really”

I said.

“You’ll be telling me next

it’s God’s fault

the shame

that’s on our family.”

He went very quiet at that.

I’m having none of it.

If he wants to keep to it

There’s nothing I can do

Mothers can’t interfere

But if he thinks

I’ll celebrate

He’s very mistaken.

God knows

Where this will lead us.

Poem by Jeannie Kendall, reproduced with permission

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