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Cheap Plum Pudding by Fran

Updated: Nov 21, 2020

This was my grandmother’s recipe. As with most of her recipes the instructions were rather vague, and so I had to adapt it a little. I think the recipe was from the period around WW2, or maybe before. It makes a light Christmas pudding, and was popular in our family. It is also known as the best way to remove wallpaper in a kitchen – the long boiling caused all the wallpaper to fall down!


  • 8oz flour

  • 8oz stale bread

  • 8oz suet (1 use about 4-6oz)

  • 8oz brown sugar

  • 1 carrot, grated

  • 1tbsp treacle

  • 8oz dried fruit

  • 2oz dried peel

  • Mixed spice


  1. Mix with egg or mil. Boil 2-3 hours and steam 1 hour to reheat.

Alternative – I have used 4 eggs and rum to mix which made 2x1pt puddings. Perhaps 8oz suet is too much, I tried using 6oz, or using less liquid!

It was well received, a favourite at Christmas!

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