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Bread Sauce by Madge

Updated: Nov 21, 2020

Simon's Grandma Madge was famed for her bread sauce.

Here's 'How She Did It' (transcribed below).

As early as when you are washing up breakfast things,

put into a small saucepan about 1/2 pint of milk,

cut an onion in half and put in 3 cloves in each half

and place into milk on the lowest possible gas.

It needs to be on anything up to a couple of hours

so it's best to do it while you have to be in the kitchen most of the time.

You need about 1/2 small basin of bread crumbs.

When the onion feels it should be about ready, remove from gas

remove the cloves and any part of onion that feels hard,

and just mix it into crumbs, with a nob of butter.

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