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Mary isn't good with babies by Amy


Amy Deakin - Instagram at @amydpoetry

Mary had never shown interest in babies

so her mum thought she was crazy

when she said she having God’s son.

‘Stop it,’ Mum said. ‘You’re having me on!’

But Mary wasn’t lying.

Mum started crying. Dad shouted.

Everybody doubted.

Word got around. Rumour became sensation.

No one believed in Mary’s explanation.

‘Illegitimate,’ they muttered.

‘Irresponsible. Ill-raised.’

Mary just said, ‘God be praised.’

Hers would be a different story.

Her child was coming in power and glory.

But that didn’t stop it hurting

When her friends all deserted.

And as for Joseph – they said he was daft.

A victim of a woman’s craft.

‘She cheated on you!’ his friends all told him.

‘Just divorce her,’ they would scold him.

But Joseph wouldn’t. He believed

In this coming child, this God conceived

Who would change the world, who would shine a light

To guide our feet and clear our sight.

Through Joseph’s dreams and Mary’s trust

This son of God was born to us.

This King of Kings, this here to save,

wrapped up in rags and shoved in hay.

Because life back then wasn’t neat and clean

And Mary was ordinary, just like you and me.

Yet the Mary's of life, who struggle and fall,

Are the ones who God chooses most of all.

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